The Best Beaches In Bali

Have you ever been to Bali? Boy, are there some great beaches there, and you’ve likely heard of celebrities taking vacations in Bali, too. If you’re going to plan a trip to Bali, it pays to know which beaches are the best. You can hit up more than one of course, and after exploring them, you will have a favorite spot for your next Caribbean getaway. So what are the top beaches in Bali?

Before you plan a vacation to any of Bali’s best beaches, you need to learn about the seasons in Bali. Instead of thinking in terms of spring, summer, fall and winter, you have your wet season and your dry season. Ideally, most people enjoy Bali during the dry season, which starts in April. After October, the dry season is over, and that is when the wet season begins.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you can learn about the best Bali beaches and know when to book your trip. First up is Mengiat Beach. It helps if you also get to see pictures of these beaches, and one thing you’ll notice about Mengiat Beach is its white sand. There are cafes where this beach is located, but you’re not going to have to put up with those pesky vendors quite as much as you would if you were at some of the other beaches.

There is another name for Mengiat Beach, so if you hear someone mention Geger Beach, they are referring to Mengiat Beach. The next beach on the list is Nusa Dua Beach, which is well-known for being a more quiet oasis. Not only does this beach have less people, but you have the same white sand. Furthermore, the area is considered to be one of the cleanest in Bali.

One thing you’ll notice about some of the beaches in Bali is that there aren’t many waves. You’ll of course want to pick one that is close to a restaurant that serves up local Balinese food so that you can get a bite to eat after a day at the beach. You’ll be hungry for sure, as the sun does that to a person.

Geger Beach of Mengiat Beach also features a protected swimming area, and it can be found where St. Regis Hotel is located. Now, are you looking for waves instead of the extra layer of serenity? If so, then the beach in Bali you might want to hit is Jimbaran Beach. There are also private beach clubs there and great barbecue restaurants.

Other top beach locations in Bali include the Sanur Area, Legian Beach, Echo Beach, Dreamland and Balangan Beach. It really depends on what you’re looking for in a Bali vacation. Each destination offers different amenities and a different scene. If surfing is your thing, it looks like Balangan Beach is one of the top recommendations. Enjoy your Bali vacation experience, and remember, try out more than one beach so you can pick your favorite spot.