Langkawi Lagoon Resort and Berjaya Resort Langkawi

A vacation in Langkawi will most often than not involve the beach. This is natural as Langkawi is a home to some of the best resorts in Malaysia. Choosing among Langkawi resorts to spend your vacation can be dizzying as there are so many impressive locations to choose from. There are two resorts that are often raved about: Langkawi Lagoon Resort and Berjaya Resort Langkawi. Let’s take a closer look at these hotels.

Langkawi Lagoon Resort

A relaxing haven in Langkawi, where guest can feast their senses is the Langkawi Lagoon Resort. With 156 rooms, accommodating staffs, and peaceful surroundings, this is an idyllic home away from home. The place is very intimate and the lobby is a very elegant area that is decorated using plenty of woods to showcase the beauty of the islands. The reception is very inviting and will make you feel right at home. The hotel is located in a very relaxed neighborhood, which is a plus.

Langkawi Lagoon Resort boasts its own garden, a number of restaurants, and its own spa. A private beach access is also one of the many things people love about this place. It is like being in an exotic but modern day paradise. There is plenty of greenery and the sight of the beach is very tranquil and peaceful.

There’s a secure parking area on site, tennis courts, and a fitness centre. Bicycle rental, airport transfers, and 24 hour room service are also among its features. Langkawi Lagoon Resort is a very charming place whether you are here on business or for an extended vacation. For the health buffs, there’s a fitness centre on site and a spa too where guests can indulge in aromatherapy and touch therapy. Different relaxing treatments from head to toe are offered here. Salon services are also available. The spa is very serene and open, with the fresh air wafting gently inside. This is a highly recommended spot for those who would like to unwind and bask in pampering treatments.

The resort also has plenty of stay packages for its guests. Currently, they are offering the Romantic Rendezvous for couples, the Lagoon Retreat, and the Lagoon Breakaway. Guests will be able to customize their stay and avail of the features and services that matter to them. The accommodations are amazing—-all of them traditional, with rich colored accents and warm inviting design scheme. Depending on the space that they need, they can choose among various rooms and suites. At Langkawi Lagoon Resort, one will find it very hard to get bored as there are so many exciting things to do. They can head to the beach, make sand castles, get a tan, go fishing, go sailing, and ride a boat. They can also go on a lifestyle tour or have fun while watching the birds.

Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort

Among the Langkawi resorts that are worth checking is the Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort. This is often raved about and if you read Berjaya Langkawi resort reviews, you’ll see why this is very popular. Strategically located in the midst of a rainforest, this resort is a haven with incomparable beauty and top notch service.

Known for its elegant and spacious accommodations, you can never go wrong with this place. In fact, all of the positive Berjaya Langkawi Resort reviews are true—this one gem of a paradise, a place where the beach is magnificently beautiful and where one can enjoy all the comforts of modern life.

The spa is a comforting retreat you will surely love. Some of the best body treatments are right here. The coffee and cocoa body scrub is invigorating and is great for removing cellulite and dead skin cells. There’s also the seaweed wrap, which is very good and nourishing to the skin. Those who feel tired will most certainly appreciate a soothing body massage. The head, neck, and shoulder massage is very good in relieving tension. For the kids, there are also spa treatments specially made for them so you can take them with you.

Berjaya Resort Langkawi is also known for its impressive restaurants. Dining here is a wonderful treat in itself as the restaurants are very good and the food is certainly delicious. For a taste of Malaysian Cuisine, the Dayang Café is highly recommended. The place is very laidback and is also great for those who are craving for some international favorites. There’s also a Chinese restaurant on site—the Orient Pearl. Fans of Chinese style cooking will certainly love the sumptuous dishes that they serve. Try some perfectly flavored duck or some hearty dimsums. This place will never disappoint. A Japanese restaurant and a Thai restaurant are also available.

When it comes to accommodations, Berjaya Resort Langkawi also knows how to please. The living spaces are highly varied so there’s one perfect place for everyone. The Seaview Chalet is amazing and specious, a very nice haven here at the beach. There’s also the family chalet—which is great for a small group of the entire family. Another interesting living space is the Premier Chalet on Water. This boasts a large bathroom and lots of modern amenities. For the most lavish accommodation at the resort, the Executive Suite on Water is the one to check. This is spacious, very private and boasts its own kitchen. The beautiful blue water can be admired all throughout. The rooms are spacious and the surroundings are so relaxing that you’d never want to leave.

At the resort, there are various activities that you can try. First off, you can head to the beach and swim, you can play tons of water sports such as parasailing, you can fish, and you can meditate as there are yoga classes too. In addition, you can go on exhilarating nature trips and discover the natural treasures of the islands.

Berjaya Resort Langkawi and the Langkawi Lagoon Resort are highly recommended venues here in Malaysia. These places are great for families and give guests the best beach experience.