Jersey Holidays

Jersey is a traveller’s haven. It has plenty of things to offer in terms of tourist attractions. They say that Jersey is a place meant for highly energetic individuals as this place packs a lot of enjoyable activities that will truly delight its visitors. Jersey holidays are never boring. The place is surrounded with water, has an abundance of beautiful scenery, and is very modern. It is one of the best places for family vacations, weddings, and honeymoon.

The Sights

Holidays to Jersey should definitely involve a tour. An organized tour will help you get a huge chunk of Jersey in one go. Travellers can go on a bike tour, a boat tour, and even a coach tour. Jersey is naturally beautiful and no matter where you look, your eyes will appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. In St. Brelade for example, the Corbiere Lighthouse can be found. This magnificent structure in white is definitely a sight to behold. This is a great spot to take pictures and admire the golden sunset. The Reg’s Garden is also a very nice place for nature lovers. The garden is very beautiful and a home to some wild life as well. For orchid enthusiasts, the Eric Young’s Orchid foundation is a must visit. All the rare varieties of orchids are there, filling the garden with colour and beauty.

Castles are also famous attractions in Jersey. In fact, holidays to Jersey will not be complete without visiting at least of them. The Mont Orgueil in St. Martin is a stunning complex and a proud structure in the area. Another castle is the Elizabeth Castle which is located in St. Helier. Built in the 1590’s, it is a classic example of medieval architecture that proves to be among the best of all time.

The kids will also have a great time here in Jersey. The aMazin park is a colourful area where kids can play and have fun with other kids. This is a nice place to bring the whole family and is a great idea for Jersey holidays.


Another great thing to do in holidays in Jersey is to take part in some of their wellness programs. In Jersey, guests can take part in yoga sessions to purify the mind and energize the body. They also have a variety of fitness centres so travellers can still be in shape even while on vacation. Spas are also all over Jersey.  Aromatic rituals such as herbal baths and fragrant saunas will definitely help the body remove stress. Holidays to Jersey always involve a trip to the nearest spa to avail of different kinds of healing body treatments. There are nourishing body wraps, invigorating body polish, and plenty of facial treatments to keep the skin looking good. The Royal Yacht has its own spa, which is claimed to be one of the best spas in Jersey.


The shopping scene makes it very tempting for shopaholics. Jersey holidays are made more exciting with a bit of spending. Jersey Craft and Farm Night Market, is among the famous market places. This is a nice spot to find the freshest local produce and be able to buy some native crafts for your loved ones. The open space is very refreshing and provides a more laidback ambience. The best food stuffs can be found at the French Market. Variety of cheeses, golden crusty breads, and yummy pastries are available here. The Central Market in St. Helier is another place where you can find quality items such as clothing and antique jewellery.


For highly curious and intellectual folks, a great way to spend holidays to Jersey is to visit some important city galleries and museums. Jersey Museum and Art Gallery is a very contemporary museum with the finest things on display. Discover the famous gold torque and other important treasures in this very interesting place. The Occupation Tapestry Gallery is another must see place. Colourful tapestries are on display, depicting several key moments in history.  Another important museum is the Maritime museum. Every bit of interesting information about the ships and the sea can be found here.


Jersey holidays are also about the food. Actually, most travels are. There are so many restaurants and quaint dining places to choose from, you won’t be hungry. One of the most impressive restaurants is the El Tico in beach Cantina. This is a beach front restaurant with a very cosy ambience. Their sticky ribs are so tasty and delish, as well as their fish and chips. Their full breakfast is another hit. It consists of bacon, sausages, eggs, beans, and coffee. For seafood lovers, there’s shrimp tempura as well. For those who would love steaks, the surf and turf served in Danny’s Gorey is a must try. This is prime cut rib-eye steak with flavourful gambas. It is a meal, you’d never forget. Les Fontalnes Tavern is another famous place that serves the finest gourmet meals and the rarest wines. A meal here will make your holidays in Jersey even more unforgettable. Pizza lovers will absolutely love Seb’s kitchen which serves the cheesiest and most flavourful pizzas.

The Beaches

Jersey is famous for its beaches as it is surrounded with water. People who love to soak up some sun and have fun in the water will surely have a great time. At the beach, guests can swim all day, making it a good way to spend holidays to Jersey. The Anne Port Bay is a breathtaking place where families can bond together. The Driftwood Cafe is nearby should you need some refreshments and something to munch on. Among the best beaches in the area is Beauport. Known for its deep blue waters and white sand, this offers a relaxing retreat where guests can spend some hours swimming and playing water sports.  The cliffs provide an interesting backdrop. The scenery is simply amazing and soothing to the senses.

Jersey holidays are sure to be filled with excitement and are made for the whole family. Visit Jersey today and have a vacation of a lifetime.